Husqvarna X-Torq® engine technology. – More power, less emissions and low fuel consumption.

Updated: August 1, 2013

Husqvarna’s tried and tested X-Torq® engine technology reduces emissions by up to 70% and fuel consumption by up to 20%, while also providing higher torque at lower rpms than standard two-stroke engines, ensuring Husqvarna chainsaws deliver top performance, time after time.

How it works.
In its own laboratories, Husqvarna invested extensive resources in refining and optimising two-stroke engines. Thanks to advanced engine technology, a so-called two-stage scavenging system, it’s possible to ensure that all fuel is used optimally.

During the intake phase, air and fuel is mixed in the carburettor. The air-fuel mixture is drawn into the crankcase as normal. Through the second passage pure air is drawn through the top portion of the transfer ports.

After combustion, as the piston travels down towards the bottom, firstly, the exhaust port is opened. The transfer port then opens allowing the pure air into the cylinder from the crank case. The pure air pushes the exhaust gas to the muffler, minimising un-burnt fuel from reaching the muffler. After the pure air has been pushed into the cylinder, the air-fuel mixture enters the cylinder through the transfer ports. The reduced amount of un-burnt fuel in the exhaust fumes results in drastically reduced emissions and enhanced fuel economy.

By splitting the intake system into two parts, the X-Torq® engine uses air to clear out the cylinder after every ignition. That way unused fuel isn’t blown out into the exhaust system. The fact that Husqvarna has also succeeded in reducing fuel economy by 20 % translates to saving a lot of money when you look at it over a whole year.

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